Take Action to Help Unemployed/Underemployed

Without strong government action, there is very little possibility that the unemployment crisis will be solved before the next big economic downturn brings even more unemployment. The only way to get the kind of government action that came about in the 1930s in America is to do what they did then: organize all our friends and supporters to build public pressure.

1. The first and easiest thing to do is to vote. Be sure you are registered and ready for every opportunity. The Texas Secretary of State has everything you need to register and vote.

2. Contact your representatives. Find out who they are and then let them know what you need.



3. HIt the streets on pickets, vigils, and mass demonstrations. Build the broadest possible coalition that demands solutions to the jobs crisis. This entire web site is devoted to that kind of coalition building. Need tips on how? Try this!

North Texas Jobs with Justice joined the national "First Friday Vigil for the Unemployed" movement on May 6, 2011. Vigil at noon at 525 Griffin (at Young) in downtown Dallas. It's near the train station.