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I invite you to join me in speculating about what might take place immediately after a revolutionary transfer of power.

An honest discussion about how a transfer of power might come about, and, more importantly, what people might be faced with afterward, is necessary for anybody interested in change.

This is my third speculative fiction work concerning the problems of making a new world. It is some years into the future. Worldwide, the old economies, ecologies, and governments have finally collapsed. People have suffered through an indescribable period of famine, disease, and confusion.

The Progressives, a group of dedicated revolutionaries, have formed a coalition with Green environmentalists and others to save the situation. They have modules of cooperating activists in most areas. They have activated a moratorium against burning fossil fuels and made some minimum provisions for production and distribution of food. Only railroads and ships are officially allowed to move cargo.

The dark haze of environmental corruption is slowly thinning. Enough renewable energy is now being produced to barely restore internet communications. So far, there is no formal government.

By a fateful accident, one of the Progressive revolutionaries achieved a certain level of personal fame. Even though he was not really one of the leaders, he is well known. After the coalition assumed power, Leo Torres was given a couple of minor leadership assignments far from the revolutionary center in New York.

Now that Torres has completed those assignments, he may be ready for a bigger role….



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