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As of 2018, most of my activities have to do with communicating. Every time I am asked, I speak or sing about working people. I actually got paid for it once in my life, but the rest was for free. Every Saturday at 9 AM Central Time, I conduct the "Workers Beat" talk show with Bonnie Mathias on KNON radio 89.3FM in Dallas. It's podcast on Itunes.

I am an officer and regular participant in several organizations: Dallas AFL-CIO, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, and United Auto Workers Local 848. In a more general sense, I participate in virtually all the movements for social progress. I am on several web sites, Facebook, and Twitter.

My goal, simply put, is to help unite and strengthen the progressive movement with the long-term objective of fundamental economic and political change. I don't claim to know what to do about everything, but I generally know which side I am on.

I'd be happy to talk, sing, or conduct discussions with your group. Just let me know.



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