About Our Little School

What Problem are We Addressing?

The economic crisis is not America's only problem. We are also ending a period of intense anti-communism that has warped our thinking in even the smallest ways. The ideas associated with Marxism are not far-fetched nor difficult to understand. Most Americans would quickly agree with them and then wonder what all the fuss was about. But someone has to come up with a quick, free, accessible set of information if we are to overcome the blockade of prejudices and fears so carefully constructed by the capitalists.

People who have recognized the need to study Marxist ideas need accessibility, guidance, and a chance to ask their own questions.

What Makes Marxism Difficult to Study?

Marx and Engels lived and died in the 19th century. Their works were suppressed and misinterpreted then, all the time since then, and now. There are more "anti-Marxist" writings by far than Marxist. So the people who violently oppose Marx make it harder to study.

But people who love Marx make it difficult, too. Some of the people who consider themselves Marxists are extremely dogmatic about it. Some hold classes that are very similar to Bible study in church. Some of them think they can read something that Marx said and apply it, without any update, to every situation today.

Marxist thinking was written in the languages of its day, which is not exactly how we speak now. Also, many world-changing technologies such as computers and atomic weapons were not invented in those days. That doesn't mean that earlier writings were wrong, but they have to be take in context, and modern commentary, when it's honest, helps!

How Can We Meet the Need for Marxist Education?

Our on-line school addresses the need for accessibility. No matter how remote and separate people may be; no matter how limited their time, the tiny educational modules are theirs free for the taking. Each one is designed to cover only the smallest bit of information and take as little time as possible. People who have done a minimum of prior studying may prefer to skip the reading material entirely, and just work their way through the simple questions. It is unlikely that any of the modules would take more than 10 minutes to complete.Frank Little

There is ample opportunity for feedback and interaction through e-mail. It is intended that participation and feedback will continuously improve the school.

Is it as good a method as a traditional classroom? Perhaps not, but face time is slow and hard to organize. The need is urgent!

Why Call it "Little?"

The Little School for Marxist Education is named for Frank Little. Little was one of America's greatest union organizers. He was murdered August 1, 1917, after having denounced collusion between corporations and government during the great imperialist war of that time. After murdering Frank Little, corporate and government officials did everything possible to make sure that his example was extinguished from all American consciousness. It is our goal to make sure they will never succeed!