1) Schedule your meeting in advance

2) Make sure you know exactly what you're asking. Be prepared to summarize the reason for your visit in a 10 -15 second sound bite and practice it ahead of time. Have three or 4 key talking points to support the topic of your visit (these can be shared with 1 or 2 others in your delegation). ANTICIPATE OBJECTIONS - do a little research on where the official you are visiting stands on your issue ( past voting history; public statements if any); be prepare to respond with one of your talking points.

3) Dress for maximum effect

4) Organize your delegation. Be sure you know who the main spokesperson is

5) Sign in, even if you don't get to talk to anybody

6) Gather business cards for the political rep and staffers. Leave your own contact information.

7) Listen politely, but don't let them get you off-target

8) Make sure you leave a positive impression, even after disagreeing

9) Pictures really help!

10) Follow up with a "thank you" to reinforce your message. It's a long term process!

Further Study:

Lobbying 101 (a much more thorough written presentation from the Auto Workers Union)

Short video of a good visit

A much longer video explaining how to lobby



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