Organizing Texas Retirees

Click on the best answer:


Question 1: Do you think organizing retirees matters?

A. Yes


B. No



2: How many voters in Texas are over 65 years of age?


A. Fewer than 1 Million


B. Fewer than 2 Million


C. Fewer than 3 Million


D. Fewer than 4 Million



3: What percentages of Texas seniors vote?


A. About the same as young people


B. About the same as middle-aged people


C. More than any other age group



4: How many Texas union retirees are signed up for the Alliance for Retired Americans?


A. Fewer than 50,000


B. Fewer than 75,000


C. Fewer than 100,000


D. Fewer than 200,000



5: How have all the "over 65" voters been voting lately?


A. The same as union retirees


B. A lot more Republican than union retirees


C. A lot more Democratic than union retirees



6: How have the union retirees been voting lately?


A. Worse than anybody


B. Worse than younger union members


C. As well or better than younger union members



7: How would you improve the voting of Texas seniors?


A. Explain things to them the way that unions do with union retirees


B. Try to keep them "in the dark"


C. Just let them go their own way



8: What would you encourage seniors to do?


A. Get informed and vote their real interests


B. Hit the streets over issues


C. Carry out a strong telecommunications program


D. Distribute leaflets, fact sheets and petitions


E. Get active in all ways