Welcome to the Little School of Marxism: ABC's

These are the most basic concepts. Each module covers only one point. They are designed to be studied in sequence.

Why Study Marxism?

What Socialism Is and Isn't


What determines our attitudes?

Materialists Have a Better Understanding of History

Change is Constant (It Really Isn't "What It Is")

Is Dialectical Materialism Really So Complicated?

What Do Marxists Mean by "Class?"

Class Struggle Is the Key to Understanding Events

Why are Unions so Important?

The Workers Must Have Their Own Political Party

How Do Marxists Decide What To Do?

What is Fascism?

Do Marxists Oppose Religion?

The "National Question" and Forging Unity with Oppressed Peoples

Capitalist Culture Must be Understood and Withstood!

Study Up on Election Policies

Communists Fight for Women's Emancipation

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