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Chapter 14: Hostages

Interview with Bishop T.E. Gormley:

"The people of Amarillo, Texas, have taken a stand with God for peace, justice, and the sanctity of our homes. Be advised that any interference with our legitimate activities will be met with the strongest resistance. Any attack on us forfeits the lives of our legal prisoners.

'We are aware of the army forces that are gathering in the White Deer vicinity. They constitute an illegitimate and illegal intrusion on our rights as citizens of Texas, and they will not be tolerated here.

'The people of Amarillo, under my leadership, are in control of the situation and will carry it to its just and legal conclusion without interference from the so-called revolutionary government and not from anybody else.

'I have restored Miss July Eason to her role as archivist of this affair from its beginning. She will continue to make neutral and fair observation to its forthcoming end. The next recordings will concern the trial of the perpetrators of crimes against the people of Amarillo. Such trial is already underway.

'We will tolerate no interference!"



--July Eason, Project Archivist

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