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What's Next?

I don't know why, but education has never been far from my mind, even though I haven't taught a regular class since 1978. I still dream about it and, more telling than that, I still daydream about it. Even though Lille Skole taught me far more than my public school experiences, my independent study, or my Doctor of Education degree, I am still tumbling its mysteries in my everyday ruminations.

One thing I have concluded is that Americans, living our quietly desperate lives, don't need information as much as we need inspiration. In other words, people know what the truth is and what they should do about it, but they are too scared to do it.

Notwithstanding that, education is still a mighty force. Our lives could be greatly benefited by a little honest knowledge. To that end, I continue to experiment with the ins and outs of passing information from one source to another. These days, I am greatly interested in brokering information between people who only speak English and those who only speak Spanish. I'm convinced that they could teach one another, if the proper setting were created.

The other interest is more long-term, the use of the internet and what is known about "programmed learning" to make education free and available all the time to everyone. A great deal is being done commercially in this area, but there is much more to do. The problem, for me, is that that the technical side is such an obstacle...

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