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I've decided to put all my thinking here.

Life's Lessons

The 11-Hour Strike, 15-Month Ordeal (a pamphlet I wrote in 1985 about the big union fight against LTV Corporation)

Remembrances from Lille Skole Free School, or the Free School Movement, in Houston 1970-1973

School remembrances of: Gene Lantz, Headmaster: gene1 gene2 gene3 gene4 gene5 gene6 gene7 gene8 gene9 gene10 gene11 gene12 gene13 gene14

Remembrances of Rachel

...and you...

My Songs & Videos

A Song ABout Walmart

Some songs I wrote and videos I made are on YouTube. Go to any of my videos and click on "genelantz" to see some more. "The oldest person in the room" is one.

The Little School of Marxism

A novel throught up and written 1969-2009 It's sci-fi and takes place just after the great American insurrection

A Second Novel thought up and written in 2017. It continues the adventures of Commissioner Joe Torres in the early days of the American Revolution

Observations & Videos about our 1-month cruise on the Mediterranean

A 2012 Interview about Unions click here.

What Am I Doing Lately? See See




What do I look like, digging through all these old files and photos?